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Now I have no more diabetes, and sleep apnea.

Published on May 27, 2012 by

I am so grateful to Dr , that I wake up every morning, and ask God to bless him! I had the surgery five months ago, it was very smooth. Dr. Davtyan’s team was very nice and they made me feel very comfortable. Now I have no more diabetes, and sleep apnea. I passed my […]

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I would refer anyone who wants to get lap band done to Dr. David Davtyan

Published on May 25, 2012 by

I was referred to Dr. by my friends and family. We trust him completely. My lap band surgery was simple; I was back on my feet in 1 week. Dr. Davtyan staff is knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable talking to Dr. Davtyan. I was 50lbs overweight 2 years ago. Now I can get around much […]

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Long Term Weight Loss-Contrave, a New Drug, after Laparoscopic Surgery

Published on October 28, 2011 by

Long term weight loss is a desired goal for obese individuals. Individuals with a BMI (Body Mass Index) score of over 40 are considered morbidly obese. Obesity causes diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, liver and pulmonary disease, and others. It can also lead to anxiety, depression, substance […]

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