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Lap Band Benefits

The LAP-BAND is a band which is physically placed around your stomach to reduce capacity, restricting the amount of food you may consume at one time. This means that you feel full faster, and stay full longer, which allows you to be in full control of your weight loss. The LAP-BAND is a safe, effective FDA-approved tool to help those currently suffering from obesity gradually lose weight, and keep it off long-term. Any type of weight loss procedure can appear intimidating, but the LAP-BAND system is a great way to lose weight, reversibly. The LAP-BAND system is truly minimally invasive, and is a great option for those who need more than diet and exercise, but may not be prepared for major surgery. The procedure is performed laparoscopically, and is typically an outpatient procedure completed in under an hour, with physical recovery time of around a week. A small camera allows your chosen physician to see inside your body as they perform the procedure, and only a few small incisions are made in your abdomen, with the band being placed using long, thin instrumentation. If you choose to have the band removed at some point, it can be removed. There is no use of surgical staples, no amputation of any part of the stomach, or any intestinal cutting. There is no permanent alteration to your body.

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