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Welcome to The Weight Loss Surgery Center Of Los Angeles, your destination for comprehensive medical and surgical weight loss solutions. Dr. DavidDavtyan is a well-recognized, highly respected weight loss surgeon with 28 years of experience and thousands of successful patients. Dr. DavidDavtyan is a successful bariatric patient himself, which helps him treat you with unparalleled empathy and compassion.

We offer a spectrum of medical endoscopic, surgical, and minimally invasive weight loss procedures with excellent outcomes. To see our successful patient journeys, click here.

The procedures we perform include gastric balloons, gastric sleeve, endoscopic gastric sleeve (accordion procedure), Lap-Band, and gastric plication.

All of these procedures are performed by Dr. David Davtyan at The Weight Loss Surgery Center of Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, Cedars Sinai or Marina Del Rey Hospitals.

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